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Tibooburra Explorer

Tibooburra and Sturt National Park Drive

The massive Sturt National Park spans the dunes of the Strzelecki Desert across the ancient mesas of the Grey Range and Mt King (The Jump-Ups) and to the Gibber plains, gorges and hills of Mount Wood. The Dingo (or Dog) Fence – at more than 5,000 km the worlds longest – forms the north and western boundary of the park.


** While not actually on the Darling River Run, anyone venture out to the Corner Country via the Tibooburra Loop from Broken Hill or Bourke, should include this touring route while visiting Tibooburra.**

Destination Partner - Corner Country

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Welcome to Corner Country Outback NSW, one of the most popular travel regions of Australia.

Anyone who travels though Outback New South Wales will understand the deep historical and cultural connections; with experiences of Indigenous heritage and culture, pastoral history, ethereal National Parks, iconic outback towns and legendary waterways. It is just one of those places.

Tibooburra, often identified as the capital of the Corner Country, was originally known as the Granites after the rocky outcrops that surrounds the town, and was later renamed named after the aboriginal word for 'heaps of rocks', as it was the Wangkumara and Maljangapa groups that roamed these parts for over 25,000 years and scattered throughout the area are camp sites, ceremonial sites, tool productions sites and scarred trees.

While isolated and small, the geat Outback NSW service town of Tibooburra as plenty to offer the outback visitor not only in town, but also throughout the surronding area and provides the perfect base for expoloring the region.

If making Tibooburra a base, there are a few great options for staying in town... the Family Hotel famous for its murals, and the Historic Tibooburra Hotel. Accommodation is available at the pubs as well as the Granites Caravan Park.

Sturt National Park, the largest National Park in NSW, spans the dunes of the Strzelecki Desert across the ancient mesas of the Grey Range and Mt King (The Jump-Ups), the Gibber plains, gorges and hills of Mount Wood.

The Dingo (or Dog) Fence, at more than 5,000 km the worlds longest, forms the north and western boundary of the park.

Sturt National Park is 330 km north of Broken Hill on a sealed and unsealed road and 400 km west of Bourke on unsealed road. GPS: -29.099377* 141.72226*

Autumn, winter and spring are the best times to visit, avoiding the extreme summer heat.

  • sturt-national-park-boulder-plain-16Sturt National Park Boulder Plain
  • sturt-national-park-jump-ups-roadSturt National Park Jump-Ups Road
  • sturt-national-park-waka-claypan-18Sturt National Park Waka Claypan
  • sturt-national-park-outdoor-museum-whim-02Sturt National Park Outdoor Museum Whim
  • sturt-national-park-gorge-loop-sign-07Sturt National Park Gorge Loop Sign
  • sturt-national-park-gorge-loop-tree-06-2Sturt National Park Gorge Loop Tree
  • sturt-national-park-horton-park-12Sturt National Park Horton Park
  • surt-national-park-outdoor-museum-03Surt National Park Outdoor Museum
  • sturt-national-park-gorge-loop-road-08Sturt National Park Gorge Loop Road
  • sturt-national-park-waka-claypan-19Sturt National Park Waka Claypan
  • sturt-national-park-mt-wood-road-10Sturt National Park Mt Wood Road
  • sturt-national-park-mount-wood-moon-01Sturt National Park Mount Wood Moon
  • sturt-national-park-horton-park-13Sturt National Park Horton Park
  • sturt-national-park-corner-1974-flood-17Sturt National Park Corner 1974 Flood
  • sturt-national-park-horton-park-11Sturt National Park Horton Park
  • sturt-national-park-south-torrens-bore--09Sturt National Park South Torrens Bore
  • sturt-national-park-gorge-loop-tree-05Sturt National Park Gorge Loop Tree
  • sturt-national-park-gibber-04Sturt National Park Gibber
  • sturt-national-park-jump-ups-tree-21Sturt National Park Jump-Ups Tree
  • sturt-national-park-warri-gate-14Sturt National Park Warri Gate
  • sturt-national-park-gorge-loop-tree-06Sturt National Park Gorge Loop Tree
  • sturt-national-park-dog-fence-15Sturt National Park Dog Fence

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