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shout rightWith Broken Hill as your base, the NEW Watershed Loop connects the Darling River to the Corner Country and provides a unique insight into the outback landscape, 

Darling River Run

Itinerary, Maps, and Brochure | 2020

The Darling River Run, Outback New South Wales, Australia

The Darling River Run is one of Australia's most iconic touring routes encompassing some of the best experiences, destinations, and attractions of Outback NSW. While it is touted by some as a 4WD adventure, it is easily done in an AWD SUV and even a traditional passenger vehicle with care.

The route is also RV friendly with many of the accommodation options along the way perfectly suited to BYO accommodation including conventional camping as well.

The adventure along the Darling River invites visitors to experience the way the river connects people, both Indigenous and European, to the landscape.

Modern-day travellers who visit iconic towns like Bourke, Louth and Tilpa come away with an understanding of what the outback is all about. Henry Lawson spent significant time working around the central Darling and put this understanding into words.

The Darling River, and western NSW, are known as the 'accessible outback' as they are less than a days drive from each of the east coast capitals.

Darling River Run 14 Day Itinerary

The Darling River Run can be done in either direction, downstream (from Lightning Ridge) or upstream from Wentworth to Lightning Ridge. Even though the ‘Ridge’ is not on the Darling, it is included in the touring route as it is a real ‘must-see’ destination and a perfect ‘fit’ for the start or end of this great touring route.

Darling River Run Itinerary & Map Download

Darling River Run Map - Darling River Touring Map, Guide and Brochure

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