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The Darling River in 2008 during a high flow at Trilby Station, Louth, Outback Australia

Welcome to the Darling River Run -  the original and the best online resource for touring the Darling River!

Darling River Run Background

The Darling River Run website's core initiative is to create and promote online aspirational touring content via the knowledge, experience, and passion of owner Simon Bayliss, travelling, writing, and photographing Australia since 2003.

Developed in 2008, the Darling River Run website promotes one of the most iconic outback touring routes along a much-discussed waterway that dissects Outback NSW and an integral part of the Murray-Darling Basin.

Expanding the Experience

As no travel experience or destination exists in isolation, in 2018, Simon expanded the Darling River Run's website scope to cover not only the Murray Darling Basin but the Corner Country as well.

From an adventure (4WD) touring perspective, the Murray-Darling covers almost 14% of Australia, and around 78% of Australia's population live within 200km of the basin.

The Darling River is Australia's most iconic river and when combined with its longest tributariestributaries, forms Australia's longest waterway stretching from Queensland's Darling Downs across Outback NSW to its meeting with the Murray RiverMurray River at Wentworth in the south-west corner of New South Wales.

Far West NSW Touring Routes

The Darling River Run website now boasts over twenty touring routes covering adventure routes from the east coast capital and the in-region experiences.

The project will continue to be the 'go-to' online resource because at the heart of the project is the passion of someone who has been regularly travelling the region for the last 10+ years and has built a thorough understanding of the aspirations people hold for lifestyle touring and this region of Australia.

The online resource targets off-bitumen RV, camper and farm-stay audience, a demographic Simon understands well, holding many positions within the camping and RV media.

Simon Bayliss driving the Darling River Run, Far West NSW, Australia

Darling River Run & Far West NSW

The Darling basin provides a basis for Australia's indigenous population and culture, as well as being the basis for pastoral expansion across the outback by providing the lifeblood of water for irrigation and transport; but it is a boom-bust river that fits perfectly into the character of this land and its people.

The Far West Region of NSW encompasses the semi-arid lands of western New South Wales. It is known for the Barrier Ranges, the Darling River, the Corner Country, and some of the most iconic outback towns in Australia. It is the embodiment of the real outback, with Cameron Corner the gateway to Australia's vast outback interior. With wide-open spaces, red deserts, rolling dunes, and untouched natural beauty, the Far West is a traveller's must-see destination.

Visitors to the Far West will experience the vast landscape, pristine natural beauty, spectacular National Parks, rich Indigenous culture and history, and some of Australia's best touring routes; a great adventure for anyone wanting to experience this wonderful part of Australia.  

There is much to see, do, learn, experience, across the Murray-Darling basin, it is truly Australia's most iconic region!

*** Safe Outback Travel ***

Before heading out to the outback, for the safety of you and fellow travellers (and as a courtesy to those living in the outback), please to the Safe Outback Travel for tips and hints to get the most out of your next adventure.