The Darling River Run - Murray-Darling

The Darling River in 2008 during a high flow at Trilby Station, Louth, Outback AustraliaTouring Australia's Far West & Murray-Darling Basin

Welcome to the Darling River Run -  the original and the best online resource for touring the Darling River! And now covering more of Far West NSW/QLD and the Murray Darling Basin!

The Darling River Run, one of the best river-touring routes of Australia, is a journey along Australia's most iconic waterways, the Darling River, an adventure that enables you to experience the richness of indigenous history & culture, learn about our pastoral pioneers and their life on the land, as well as experiencing the laid back nature and country hospitality of the outback towns along the river.

The Darling River Run website's core initiative is to create and promote online aspirational touring content via the knowledge, experience, and passion of owner Simon Bayliss, travelling, writing, and photographing Australia since 2003.

There is much to see, do, learn, experience, across the Murray-Darling basin, it is truly Australia's most iconic region!

*** Safe Outback Travel ***

Before heading out to the outback, for the safety of you and fellow travellers (and as a courtesy to those living in the outback), please to the Safe Outback Travel for tips and hints to get the most out of your next adventure.