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Darling River Run

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Simon Bayliss camping at Trilby Station (Louth) while travelling the Darling River Run, Outback New South Wales, AustraliaWith well over a decade of experience travelling along the Darling River and Outback New South Wales, I would like to share with you my preferred route along one of Australia's most iconic touring routes, the Darling River Run.

Encompassing some of the best experiences, destinations, and attractions along the Darling River, the region is known as the 'accessible outback'. It is less than a days drive from each of the east coast capitals.

While on the road, fellow travellers often ask me, what are my top five tips for travelling the Darling River Run?

** For a detailed overview of all the Darling River Run route options, check out my Complete Guide to the Darling River Run.

Simon Bayliss

Darling River Run 14 Day Itinerary

Darling River Run Itinerary & Map Download

Darling River Run Map - Darling River Touring Map, Guide and Brochure

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