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Wentworth NSW

Darling River Towns

The Murray-Darling confluence at Wentworth, NSW, AustraliaWentworth, NSW, a place that, in 1844, was described as "Magnificent trees droop like willows to the water's edge with evening's mildest radiance in their foliage, throwing a soft haze over the distance...", and has lost nothing of that ethereal beauty, has to be a place to visit.

The person who wrote these words was no other than the explorer Charles Sturt, and anyone visiting Wentworth to sit on the banks of the Murray or Darling can see why Sturt was moved to describe the river junction as he did.

Wentworth is located at the junction of the Murray and the Darling Rivers and was originally named Hawdon's Ford, before being surveyed in 1858 and named Wentworth in 1859 after the Australian explorer, journalist and politician William Charles Wentworth.

Wentworth is located at the junction of the Murray and the Darling Rivers and was originally named Hawdon's Ford, before being surveyed in 1858 and named Wentworth in 1859 after the Australian explorer, journalist and politician William Charles Wentworth.

Before the inland and the Darling River was opened up, Wentworth was the hub to which much of the wool clip was brought for shipment to either Echuca (for transport to Melbourne) or Morgan (for transport to Adelaide).

Due to the efforts of the early river pioneers in the late 1850's, William Randell (Mary Ann) and Francis Cadell (Lady Augusta), the Darling river was opened-up for trade and Wentworth became the first river port of the Darling - although its early development can also be attributed to the river trade already being developed along the Murray. By the late 1880's Wentworth was Australia's busiest inland port. In 1895, 485 vessels were recorded as passing through the Customs House (31 in one week alone).

Today, Wentworth is a large and prosperous township with lots for the traveller to see and experience and is an ideal base to explore some amazing sites in the area, especially Lake Mungo in Mungo National Park.

Wentworth is the start (or finish) of the Darling River Run and is the upstream section to Menindee is great for exploring the central Darling region including Broken Hill and beyond.

Wentworth Visitor Information:

  • Wentworth See & Do:
    • Thegoa Lagoon
    • River Junction and viewing tower
    • Perry Sandhills
    • P.S. Ruby
    • Mungo National Park
    • Old Wentworth Gaol
  • Getting to Wentworth (Car):
    • From Brisbane: 1,600km
    • From Sydney: 1,040km
    • From Melbourne: 580km
    • From Adelaide: 400km
  • Wentworth Information Centre:
    • Darling Street, Wentworth, NSW
    • Telephone: 03 5027 3624

Perry Sand Hills, Wentworth NSW

Just 10kms from Wentworth, The Perry sandhills are an amazing sight, especially at sunrise and sunset. Throughout the day, the colours of the dunes change and wonderful shadows and patterns form as the sun rises of sets.

The moving dunes are steeped in Aboriginal history and culture and seem incongruous in the flat surrounding area. A picnic area is a perfect place for lunch before or after exploring the sandhills.

The beauty of the sand hills is obvious but it has not always been aesthetically appreciated; during the Second World War, the site was used for bombing practice. But today, its beauty is appreciated by visitors and camera crews alike as it has been the setting for many advertisements and films including 'The Man From Snowy River', Burke and Wills, and The Flying Doctors.

Perry Sandhills cover 10 hectares and are part of the Thegoa Lagoon floodplain. Included by many as a top photographic destination, the sandhills reveal their splendour more so at sunrise and sunset; which also means there tend to be fewer people traipsing over the dunes.

The Route:

Wentworth <> Perry Sandhills

Distance = 10 km - about 20 mins

Route: Main Wentworth Rd (Sealed)

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