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Silverton, Outback NSW

Silverton, outback NSW, a place that few outback localities are as iconic and attract visitors  from far and wide to this little town on the edge of the real outback. Visitors come to experience what was once a thriving mining town, which later become a ghost town, only to be currently re-inventing itself as lively destination of museums, art galleries and unique cafe's and gift shops. Add to that a VERY iconic pub adorned with images of films made in the area, include Mad Max with Mel Gibson.

Silverton is known to many as the most thriving and healthy looking ghost town in the world. It is one of those places in outback Australia that most people have heard of, thanks mostly to it being the location of many scenes of the cult classic Mad Max – as well as other well known Australian films.

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While not actually on the Darling River, it is one destination that should be included when travelling the Darling River Run; one of the best in Outback NSW!

  • silverton-nevada-hotel-outback-nsw-16Silverton Nevada Hotel Outback NSW
  • methodist-church-silverton-outback-nsw-22Methodist Church Silverton Outback NSW
  • silverton-morning-light-02Silverton Morning Light
  • mundi-mundi-sunset-silverton-03Mundi Mundi Sunset Silverton
  • silverton-hotel-2007-14Silverton Hotel 2007
  • silverton-outback-nsw-window-view-09Silverton Outback NSW Window View
  • silverton-nevada-hotel-outback-nsw-12Silverton Nevada Hotel Outback NSW
  • vegemite-vw-silverton-outback-nsw-18Vegemite VW Silverton Outback NSW
  • silverton-pub-2015-outback-nsw-19Silverton Pub 2015 Outback NSW
  • silverton-outback-nsw-old-buildings-24Silverton Outback NSW old buildings
  • silverton-pub-2016-04Silverton Pub 2016
  • st-carthedge-church-silverton-outback-nsw-08St Carthedge Church Silverton Outback NSW
  • silverton---(b)-06Silverton Churches Outback NSW
  • silverton-nevada-hotel-outback-nsw-17Silverton Nevada Hotel Outback NSW
  • mundi-mundi-plains-tree-outback-nsw-21Mundi Mundi Plains Tree Outback NSW
  • silverton-outback-nsw-scooter-05Silverton Outback NSW Scooter
  • silverton-nevada-hotel-outback-nsw-10Silverton Nevada Hotel Outback NSW
  • silverton-mundi-mundi-sunset-01Silverton Mundi Mundi Sunset
  • vegemite-vw-silverton-outback-nsw-13Vegemite VW Silverton Outback NSW
  • mundi-mundi-sunset-outback-nsw-20Mundi Mundi Sunset Outback NSW
  • silverton-methodist-church-outback-nsw-07Silverton Methodist Church Outback NSW
  • silverton-outback-nsw-scooter-building-23Silverton Outback NSW Scooter building
  • silverton-outback-nsw-old-buildings-15Silverton Outback NSW old buildings
  • -11Vegemite VW Silverton Outback NSW

During the 1880's, areas around the Barrier Ranges were bustling with activity as mining claims spread throughout the area as many sought their fortunes from mining. To service the needs of miners, the township of Silverton was established.

Originally called Umberumberka, Silverton came into existence in the early 1880's, proclaimed as a town in 1883, the same year it got a post office, and within a few years support a population of 3,000 people.With the emergence of mining in Broken Hill in the late 1880's, the residents began to leave Silverton for the booming activity of Broken Hill – in fact many didn't just leave, they actually moved their houses as well to the new centre.

Today, Silverton is the most lively ghost town there is... in fact, the Silverton Hotel at the Burke St corner has been used in films as diverse as Wake in Fright, Mad Max 2, A Town Like Alice, Hostage, Razorback , Journey into Darkness and Golden Soak. A drink at the historic pub is a must for any visit as is the Silverton Pioneer Museum, the Gaol and Court House and the various local galleries.

Film crews are drawn to the place due to its close proximity to Broken Hill, predicable weather and its iconic buildings and surrounding landscapes. Just beyond the town is Mundi Mundi Plain which provides an insight to the vast flatness of Outback Australia. The view is spectacular and one can see forever to the horizon. Some say that you can see so far that you can see tomorrow.

The area is truly remarkable and is a 'must-see' for travellers and located about 15km north-west of Broken Hill.

Silverton See & Do:

  • Silverton Gaol
  • Silverton museums & galleries
  • Day Dream Mine
  • Camel rides
  • Mundi Mudi Plains lookout

Getting to Silverton:

By Car:

  • From Brisbane: 1,560km
  • From Sydney: 1,160km
  • From Melbourne: 850km
  • From Adelaide: 525km

Silverton Information Centre:

Beyond 39 Dips - 2 Layard Street,

Silverton, NSW. 2880

Telephone 08 8088 7566

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