Sturts Route

Sturt's Route - Drive to Cameron Corner, Outback Australia

The following touring route follows the approximate route taken by Captain Charles Sturt during his 1844-45 inland expedition. With no public roads across the Barrier Ranges, we begin the journey further north than the line taken by the expedition.

Starting in Broken Hill, and travelling either via Eldee Station (Silverton) or Mount Gipps (Corona Road), to Tibooburra, a great base for exploring.

Around forty years ago, I saw a video by Broken Hill identity Jack Absolom presenting what he referred to as 'In the Steps of Charles Sturt'.

Jack's passion for the outback was evident, and it struck a chord with me immediately for a couple of reasons. His love of the outback was an inspiration to me as an aspiring photographer, and his character/style was reminiscent of the rural characters I met as a teenager around our farm.

Additionally, I was always fascinated by Australian history, and hearing him speak about the explorer Charles Sturt (and others) motivated me to know more.

Fast forward to 2008, and I was lucky enough to have undertaken the following route while sourcing travel content. I would often mention to others this fantastic adventure from Broken Hill to Cameron Corner.


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