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>> Drive to Cameron Corner? From Broken Hill, two great adventures await! Sturt's RouteSturt's Route or Along the Dingo FenceAlong the Dingo Fence.

>> Discover the beauty & history of the Barmah-Millewa Forest and Murray River along the Timber Cutters RunTimber Cutters Run.

>> With Broken Hill as your base, the NEW Watershed LoopWatershed Loop connects the Darling River to the Corner Country.

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Touring Routes

Australian Touring Routes & Destinations

Over the years, as a professional photographer, I have seen most of Australia, but the Murray-Darling Basin has been the region that I connect the most, and is the area of Australia that I have toured extensively and promoted photographically and via editorial content for many of Australia's leading lifestyle magazine.

My passion has always was been travel, adventure and photography; the name Red Dust and SnowTM sums up my passion... from the red dirt of Outback Australia, along the watercourses and up to the high country to the rugged ranges that hold the snow in winter and release the lifeblood of the land in spring.

Throughout my travels, I have retraced many established and well-known touring routes as well as created a few that I thought should be explored. The following are the touring routes I am most passionate about and would like to share to enable others to experience the adventure.

"An experience is only real when it is shared" 

I hope you enjoy it!

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