The Darling River Run

The Darling River Run is one of Australia's great outback experiences. It has long been one of NSW's greatest drives covering some of the best places to see in Australia. The Darling River touches the spirit and replenishes the soul; a places for reflection, a place to inspire.

For many years, we have heard about the demise of the river, and that it would never recover, but that is just the very nature the outback and many of its rivers; if it is not in flood, then it is drought as many say. To understand that is to understand outback Australia.

The actual Darling river starts near Walgett, but the Darling River Run should also include Lightning Ridge as well as other towns off the actual river as it is the best way to expereince the best of Outback NSW towns and National Parks.

The river follows the course of the Barwon River past Brewarrina onto its junction with the Bogan and together they flow, as the Darling River, to Bourke, Louth, Tilpa, Wilcannia, Menindee, Pooncarie and then on to the confluence with the mighty Murray River at Wentworth.

The Darling River Run is not simply a point A to point B drive but as the river forms the 'spine' of Outback NSW, the journey provides the perfect tour to not only experience the river and the towns along its course but also opens up the best of Outback NSW via the many side trips on offer.

Unique towns (Lightning Ridge and White Cliffs), wonderful National Parks (Paroo-Darling, Gundabooka, Mutawintji, Kinchega, and Mungo), the remote Corner Country (Milparinka, Tibooburra and the magnificent Sturt National Park), and not forgetting the jewel of western NSW, Broken Hill.

The Darling River Run allows the traveller to experience some of the best Outback country in Australia; flora, fauna, wondrous landscapes, outback characters and truly remarkable sunrises and sunsets.

Visit Outback NSW and drive along one of the grandest river in Australia; through an historically and culturally rich area steeped in not only Indigenous history, spirituality and living culture, but also European history and explorative efforts by iconic Australians like Burke & Wills, Sturt, and Major Mitchell.

The Darling River Run can be undertaken in whole or in part, that is the beauty of this adventure. Many people cover particular sections of the Run enroute to or from other parts of Outback NSW and beyond or take one of the many side-trips and then rejoin the Run to continue along the course of the Darling River.

If you plan to visit NSW, The Darling River Run is the best way to experience all the options available.

A true Outback experience awaits those who plan to travel outback NSW.