Outback Adventures

How good is a roadtrip!

Over the years, Simon Bayliss (Red Dirt Studio) has undertaken many Outback Adventures, which have been published in many of the leading lifestyle magazine and newspaper travel sections; he is happiest when on the road, any road, but particularly if it dirt. Mode of transport? Anything, but he does have a soft spot for RV’s, SUV’s and anything with two wheels.

For Simon, there is nothing better than the ‘road less travelled’ to add to the adventure. Have travelled much of Australia over the last decade, he has a special passion for Outback NSW and the Darling River. The towns, people, National Parks, and iconic towns are what he connects to and is passionate about transposing those experiences photographically.

The following are a few of his favoured articles on how to best experience Outback NSW and the Darling River Run.

Darling River Run Side-Trips

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