Some of the best National Parks in NSW or either on the Darling River Run or just a 'side-trip' away. From the haunting Walls of China at Mungo National Park in the south-west of the State, the evocative river land along the Darling River at Kinchega NP, the very spiritual landscape found at Mutawintji, to the remote outback expanses of Sturt National Park in the very north-west corner of NSW.

These areas are superb examples of Aboriginal connectivity to the land and these territories are integral to the indigenous culture, both historically and contemporarily. These sites enable the continuum of this rich culture which has been estimated to have existed for 40,000, and probably longer.

The carefully managed National Parks enables the visitor to experience the awesome majesty and beauty of the physical landscape, the humbling and moving spirituality of an ancient land, and the ubiquitous and unique Australian flora and fauna. Whether it is a visit for a day or several days, these natural treasures offer a true outback experience for hiking, camping, bird watching, nature and cultural experiences or just a place to relax and recharge the batteries far for the maddening crowd.

Some parks, such as Mutawintji NP, offer unique guided tours with Aboriginal custodians to the more significant and cultural areas while other parks such as Mungo, Paroo-Darling, Mungo, and Kinchega offer special Discovery programs during the school holidays.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service also carefully mange the rich pastoral history of the various areas to provide the visitor a great insight to the pioneering endeavors that enabled the country to be opened up.

Words might tell a story and a picture may tell a thousand stories, but the whole narrative cannot be comprehended until one visits these areas to gain an actual experience. It is when you visit these places that you get an understanding of what this great land is all about - and many elements of Aboriginal Culture and spirituality becomes apparent.

National Parks around the Darling

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