In theory it is nothing more than the remnants of an ancient lake (completely dry and with ancient sand dunes running 20+ km along one side) in the middle of the New South Wales outback. In reality it is one of the most significant anthropological and archaeological sites in the world.

The much photographed 'Walls of China' is something all visitors should experience; as is the story they reveal.

This is a remarkable place, its international significance recognised with World Heritage listing. It’s where you’ll find the Walls of China, an icon not only for the sheer beauty of dramatic formations but also for the amazing spiritual significance of the area. Mungo has evidence of continual human habitation over 40,000 years.

Lake Mungo is one of 17 dry lakes which constitute the Willandra Lakes World Heritage Area. The awesome Walls of China emerged over eons, as winds blowing across the dry bed of the lake collected sediment and deposited it on the western shore.

This forms an elevated bank that extends almost 20 km along the side of the lake. The layers of sedimentary sands and clays have been eroded by wind and rain to form a spectacular lunette, offering stunning photo opportunities in the changing light.

For more information on Lake Mungo NP (Outback NSW Website)

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  • lake-mungo-national-park-outback-nsw-ripples-20
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