Located just off the Barrier Highway to the west of Nyngan, Mt Grenfell is a small park with a spectacular display of indigenous rock-art. Sanding in front of the ancient art work of Dancing figures, kangaroo, emu, and lizards created over many periods by many artists is a truly remarkable experience.

Visitors come from all over the world to see this amazing collection of Aboriginal art that reflects the long history and culture of Ngiyampaa Country, yet this site is free of large scale visitation. This allows you to really appreciate this piece of Australia’s heritage, and to speculate on the stories the images convey.

There is a picnic area near the entrance, a place to experience the area before taking the short walk to the rock art, or the longer Ngiyampaa walk which features panoramic views from the ridge.

Mt Grenfell Historic Site is near Cobar, reached by driving west from Cobar along the Barrier Highway for 40 km, and turning right at the Mt Grenfell sign then about 30 km along the dry weather road.

GPS:-31.297752* 145.339352*

Autumn, winter and spring are the best times to visit, avoiding the extreme summer heat.

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