Lightning Ridge Loop

This wonderful side-trip from the Darking River Run will take you to the iconically (and nicely eccentric) Australian Opal mining town of Lightning Ridge. Whether you are looking for the famous Black Opal, wanting to explore some wonderful galleries or just take in the experiences of a mining town, 'The Ridge' is a must.

An easy drive to and from Walgett.  As an alternate route, there is a nice drive via Cumborah to Brewarrina.

There are very few places in the Australian outback as unique as Lightning Ridge with its welcoming eccentricity; from the minute you arrive, the locals make you feel like are part of this wonderful town.

It is so welcoming that most of the residence tell a similar story of visiting ‘the Ridge’ years ago and staying there. It is one of those places.

The Ridge has a unique bunch of characters out there and they pride themselves on being different; it is something about the pioneering spirit that allowed this area to nurture this character in not only its residence, but also what it offers the visitor.

You can experience sculptures underground, bottle-houses, antique lamps, castles, astronomy monuments, unique gardens, hills named 'Lunatic', 'Pig' and Bald', a pub crawl to 'The Pub in the Scrub', 'The Glengarry Hilton' and 'Sheepyard', and even tour underground mines.

And how do you find all these thing? Just look out for a colored car door.

Make sense? Thought will when you visit the Ridge....

The Route:

Walgett <> Lighning Ridge

Distance = 78.0 km - about 54 mins (one way)

Castlereagh Hwy <> Bill Obrien Way (Sealed Highway)

Brewarrina <> Lightning Ridge (Via Cumborah)

Distance = 180km - about 3 hrs
Castlereagh Hwy <> Cumborah-Lightning Ridge Rd <> Walgett Goodooga Rd <> Narran Lake Rd <>Kamilaroi Hwy

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