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shout rightWith Broken Hill as your base, the NEW Watershed Loop connects the Darling River to the Corner Country and provides a unique insight into the outback landscape, 

Darling River Map

Map of the Darling River, Outback NSW, Australia

A map of the Darling River can help understand its part in the larger Murray-Darling Basin, from the Geography of southeast Australia to the tributaries that flow into the Darling River.

It also provides a means to plan trips along the Darling River (The Darling River Run) as well as touring routes that traverse Outback NSW in all directions.

The map below (plotted on Google Maps) is an indicative path that the course of the river flows from upstream of Brewarrina across Outback NSW through Menindee Lakes and to where it joins the Murray River at Wentworth.

Map of the Darling River, Outback NSW, Australia

* For a guide map for touring the Darling River (The Darling River Run), the following image and link can be used to download my two-week itinerary. 

Darling River Run Itinerary & Map Download

Darling River Run Map - Darling River Touring Map, Guide and Brochure

To download your copy of the Darling River Run Map and Guide Brochure, please use the following link:

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