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Gundabooka National Park, Outback NSW

Gundabooka National Park Valley of the Eagles walk 02Gundabooka National Park, located about 30 minutes south of Bourke, is a special place for the Ngemba and Barkinji people of the area and a visit to the Mulgowan (Yapa) Art Site it is easy to see why it is such a sacred place. The trees and water near the site add to its appeal to visitors.

Gundabooka range rises above the plains and its glowing red cliffs, magnificent vistas of the hills, red sands, secluded woodlands and gorges are majestic. In addition to being vital for stone, water, food and medicine, this area holds major significance in terms of indigenous ceremony and creation, reflected in the magnificent examples of Aboriginal rock art found in the park.

The Darling River forms its northern boundary, the park features open plains and a beautiful creek-fed gorge. Access to the horseshoe-shaped Mt Gundabooka is via 3 access points and are ideal for walks and picnics.

1) Mulgowan (Yapa) Art Site Walk: A wonderful easy trail which allows the visitor to walk across a small rocky bluff and into the Mulareenya Creek full of rock pools river gums and moving rock art on some of the overhangs.

2) Dry Tank: Providing a wonderful setting for camping, the Dry Tank area is also an ideal picnic spot as it is here that the Little Mountain trail provides a wonderful vista of Mt Gundabooka via a well-marked interpretive walk.

3) Ngama Malyan (Valley of the Eagle): Bennett's Gorge on the western side of Mt Gundabooka is the starting point for the Valley of the Eagles walking trail. The easy 1 km walk leads to a wonderful picnic spot at the base of Mt Gubdabooka.

The area of Gundabooka is the country of the Ngemba and Barkinji people. In addition to the area being vital for stone, water, food and medicine; it also hold major significance in terms of ceremony and creation.

The Little Mountain trail features vistas of Mt Gundabooka along an interpretive walk through Dry Tank, which is also an ideal camping spot. The Valley of the Eagles walking trail is an easy 1 km hike to the base of Mt Gundabooka.

Access to the park is via a dry weather road, 50 km south of Bourke off the Kidman Highway.

Autumn, winter and spring are the best times to visit, avoiding the extreme summer heat.

Gundabooka National Park Visitor Information:

  • Gundabooka National Park See & Do...

    • Mulgowan (Yapa) Art Site
    • Valley of the Eagles walk
    • Bennetts Gorge picnic area
    • Mallee Stop walking track
    • Belah Shearers Quarters
  • Gundabooka National Park Information Centre:

    • Park Office: 51 Oxley Street, Bourke NSW
    • Telephone 02 6872 2744

Safe Outback Travel

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Safe Outback Travel

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