Broken Hill Loop

Taking in Wentworth, Broken Hill, Menindee (Kinchega National Park and the Menindee lakes), Pooncarie and Mungo National Park as a sidetrack, this loop has it all and allows you to visit Broken Hill and do a grand tour of the lower Darling.

The 'capital' of Outback NSW, Broken Hill, has everything the traveller could hope, from the cafes, restaurants, Galleries and outback history.

Menindee, and the magnificent lakes, is a must for wildlife, camping and fishing as is Kinchega National Park.

From Menindee, the route rejoins the Darling River Run with Wilcannia upstream and the historic Pooncarie downstream.

For those wanting to also visit Lake Mungo (Mungo National Park) and/or Mutawintji, this loop can also incorporate the Mungo Loop and the Mutawintji Loop.

The Route:

Wentworth <> Broken Hill: Distance = 267 km - about 3 hours

Route: Silver City Highway

Broken Hill <> Menindee: Distance = 112 km - about 1.5 hours

Route: Broken Hill - Menindee Road

Menindee <> Wentworth: Distance = 240 km - about 3.5 hours

Route: Darling River Run (via Pooncarie)

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