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Darling River Towns

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Bourke, a legendary Darling River town, was once referenced by Australian poet Henry Lawson when he wrote, "if you know Bourke, you know Australia" (1882).

Anyone who ventures to the iconic Back O Bourke region of Australia will agree.

The town of Bourke is such an intrinsic part of the fabric of outback Australia that it should be visited at least once in everyone's lifetime to garner a real understanding of Australia.

One of the best ways to see and experience Bourke, and other Darling River towns, is by travelling the Darling River Run, one of Australia's most iconic touring routes.

This character of the town that colloquially links the city to the outback is why it has become an RV mecca for those seeking an authentic outback experience.

Interestingly, many great journeys and destinations are good once, but only a special few are worthy of a repeat performance.

Some places can touch our soul in a way that a return visit, while familiar, still excites us as we discover new aspects to enjoy and reacquaint ourselves with the elements we enjoyed so much during the initial visit.

A short to the south is Gundabooka National Park, a short detour and loop for those travelling downstream to Louth (about 1 hour).

For those seeking adventures further west (Cameron CornerCameron Corner, Sturt National ParkSturt National Park, and the Corner Country Loop), a stay in Bourke on the way out from the east coast capitals is well worth it. 

The PS Jandra travelling along the Darling River past the old lift bridge at North Bourke, NSW, AustraliaThe PS Jandra travelling along the Darling River past the old lift bridge at North Bourke, NSW, Australia

For many travellers, Bourke is one such place and a happy hour chat with fellow RVers confirms the notion that the region touches the soul of many to such a degree that they come back time and time again.

kidmans camp bourkeLocated about 8Km north of Bourke along the Mitchell Highway and situated on the banks of the mighty Darling River, Kidman’s Camp is not just a stopover on your journey – it is a destination in its own right!

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