Corner Country Loop

The largest side track (loop) off the Darling River Run takes in the western-most part of outback New South Wales, the Corner Country. Bordered by the Dingo Fence this region covers an amazing diversity of Gibber plains landscapes which is in stark contrast to the grey-soil plains of the river country around the Darling River.

Ephemeral creeks and lakes are interspersed amongst the Barrier and Grey Ranges and sand dunes of the Simpson-Strzelecki Dunefields, whilst sandstone mesas rise from ancient sea-beds.

The iconic outback townships of Milparinka, Tibooburra and Wanaaring are located in the Corner Country, each with their own measure of character, characters and history.

Roads through the Corner Country are dry weather only. Some follow the route of explorer Charles Sturt while others follow travelling stock routes or the Cobb and Co tracks with each leading to a station property or township for an unforgettable Corner Country experience.

** NOTE: Part of this tour is on dry-weather roads.**

At 750km's it is an adventure in itself and can also include The Opal Miners Way which takes in the Opal town of White Cliffs.

The Route:

Broken Hill <> Tibooburra: Distance = 335 km - about 3 hours 50 mins

Route: Silver City Highway (Dry weather road)

Tibooburra<> Bourke: Distance = 417 km - about 5 hours

Route: The Cut Line (Dry Weather road)

  • Sturt National Park Dog Fence-15
  • Sturt National Park Jump-Ups Road
  • Sturt National Park Boulder Plain-16
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  • Sturt National Park Waka Claypan-18
  • Sturt National Park Outdoor Museum Whim-02
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  • Sturt National Park Gorge Loop Tree-06-2
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  • Sturt National Park South Torrens Bore -09
  • Sturt National Park Jump-Ups Tree-21
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