Welcome to the Darling River Run, a journey along Australia's most iconic river where you can experience the richness of indigenous history & culture at some of the best National Parks in NSW. Learn about our pastoral pioneers and their 'life on the land' by visiting any of the many farm-stays of the region of Outback NSW, or experiences the layback nature and country hospitality of the iconic outback towns along the river.

The Darling River Run is not only about travelling along one of our most iconic rivers, but throughout Outback NSW via the many sidetrips and travel routes.

Whether you seek a 5 star B&B or a shady camp spot along the river, the Darling River Run and Outback NSW has it all; and an almost endless choice of travel routes and side-trips to explore. It is an RVer's paradise!

Like many parts of Outback Australia, the Darling basin is steeped in Indigenous history, spirituality and living culture, but was an integral part of early European history and explorative efforts of iconic Australians like Burke & Wills, Sturt, and Major Mitchell.

The Darling River Run can be done in whole or in part, that is the beauty of this driving adventure; many people do parts of the Run enroute to or from other parts of Outback NSW and beyond.

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The Darling River is Australia's longest river and covers 2,740 kms through Outback NSW. The system is fed, primarily from summer rains, from southern Queensland and makes its journey south-west across the state to Wentworth where it joins the mighty Murray River.

The Darling River Run allows the traveller to experience some of the best Outback country in Australia; flora, fauna, wondrous landscapes, outback characters and truly remarkable sunrises and sunsets.

Darling River Run Camping

If camping is your thing... whether it is in a tent, motorhome, camper-trailer, or caravan, there are many great places along the Darling River.

Some of the following are free, while others are hosted campsites on station farm-stays or National Parks.

Regardless of what they are, there are some of the best places to camp in Outback NSW along the Darling River.

  • Bourke:
    • Mt Oxley )Fppd & Huts by Mt Oxley)
    • May's Bend
  • Louth:
    • Shindy's Inn
    • Trilby Station
  • Tilpa:
    • Tilpa Wier
  • Wilcannia:
    • Coaches & Horse Camground
  • Menindee:
    • Nelia Gaari Station
    • Darling River campground
    • Bindara on the Darling
  • Lake Mungo
    • Belah campground
    • Main Campground
  • Wentworth
    • Willow Bend Caravan Park